Fitness Empire entered the scene by founder Heather Wilson-Phillips. Having her own lifestyle & fitness company was always a dream for her, that would soon become a reality. When Heather first started the company it, was always seen as her side hustle that she loved, but she never knew how it would become more than that. During the initial phases and to this day Heather has been blessed to, help everyone from lifestyle clients, athletes, models, fitness competitors, and celebrities reach their fitness and nutrition goals.





Heather Wilson-Phillips Accomplishments:

  • On-Air Lifestyle & Fitness Expert
  • Published Cover Model & Fitness Model
  • Published Fitness & Health Writer
  • Creator of the 30 Day “Fierce N’ 30 Challenge”
  • Online Freelance Coach for “Women’s Running Magazine”
  • Sponsored Skechers Athlete
  • Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist/Consultant
  • Certified Group Fitness Coach/Instructor
  • Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified Personal Fitness Chef
  • International Posing/Stage Prep Coach
  • Co-Founder of GLO Events
  • Designer for Fierce N’ Fit Wear cover ups/robes
  • Pro Fitness Model
  • National Level Figure Competitor
  • Former Canadian Sprinter
  • Former IDFA Judge
  • Former Ambassador for Doce Vida Fitness.

Heather and her team at “The Fitness Empire & Fierce N’ Fit Workouts” have been dedicated to helping people change their learned habits and give them the tools they need to enable them to get the results to change their lives. The services offered can be general or customized to meet your exact needs; because everybody is different our programs and services reflect just that. If you’re serious about making a change today please visit our online shop to see how we can best assist your needs. For a full bio on Heather Wilson-Phillips please send your requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Mission

To encourage and inspire everyone to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.